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  • Once your application for admission has been accepted, you will be eligible to register for courses using the University of Saskatchewan’s online system known as PAWS (Personalized Access to Web Services). Information on how to access PAWS will be sent to you by email in your admission letter.
  • All students are strongly encouraged to register in their course(s) by August 15 (Term 1) and December 15 (Term 2) to ensure that course materials arrive before the start of classes.  This is particularly important for Term 2 courses because University services (including the Bookstore) will be closed on December 25, 2017 and will not re-open until January 2, 2018 (see page 27 for information on how to order your textbooks). Students residing outside of Canada are not permitted to register in courses after August 15 (Term 1) and December 15 (Term 2).
  • Approximately one week before the start of term, go to
  • If you are in a paper-based section (X) of a CERTESL course, your course syllabus and materials will be mailed to you, and you must buy your textbooks through the bookstore.
  • If you are in a web-based section (W) of a CERTESL course, your course syllabus and matierials will be sent to you and you must buy your textbooks through the bookstore. In addition, you must follow this protocol in order to access the online course discussion forum.
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    • Review the course syllabus for information on required materials, textbooks, your instructor and how to submit assignments. These items can be found in the menu on the left side of the page.
    • All electronic contact with the course instructor will be through messages (course mail) found in the menu of this course. Instructors will not respond to messages from outside email addresses. Instructors will not be available before the first day of class.
    • Please note that final exams will not be online. Final exams will continue to be written in a face-to-face format.

Course Offerings and Syllabi

To view the classes being offered this term, go to  When searching for classes, an ECUR class is listed under “Curriculum Studies”; a TESL class is found under “Teaching English as a Second Language.”

The courses listed in the download below are offered by distance delivery. Courses with insufficient enrolment, i.e. fewer than 5 students, are subject to cancellation.


Tuition and fees

If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you will be assessed tuition using the schedule of tuition for international students. The refund schedule applicable to national students applies to international students.

Practicum Information

TESL 42 Supervised Practicum

Prerequisites: Completion of three CERTESL courses:  ECUR 291.3/TESL 21, ECUR 391.3/TESL 31 or 34, and one other course; OR TEFL 11, TEFL 12 (or equivalent), and one other course. Prior completion of at least four courses is strongly recommended if you have no previous English-language teaching experience.

This course is designed to provide teacher trainees with the opportunity to apply theory and practice in the field of English as a second language. During the practicum, trainees will observe experienced teachers and discuss classroom applications and needs of various types of students. Students will plan lessons, teach in an observed situation, and receive feedback and guidance on their teaching.

  • You must demonstrate 10 hours of observation in an ESL/EFL classroom prior to registering for TESL 42.
  • This course is a pass/fail course. There is no final examination.
  • English proficiency for both native and non-native speakers of English will be reassessed during the practicum. Excellent oral and written proficiency is required to obtain a pass mark in the practicum. If you are a non-native speaker of English, your instructor must be satisfied that your proficiency is equivalent to or better than CanTEST 5.0 at the end of your practicum (described in the course syllabus); otherwise, you may be required to have your proficiency re-assessed via one of the approved tests listed earlier in this Handbook before you can be given a passing grade on your practicum. If you are a native speaker of English, you may fail the practicum if you do not demonstrate a high standard of English usage.
  • Access to one of the following formats is required: CD-ROM/DVD or USB memory stick.
  • A $150.00 materials fee is required with submission of tuition fees.

During the practicum, students are required to conduct an additional 10 hours of in-class observations and teach for 10 hours (or 20 observation and 20 teaching hours in the case of TESL Ontario certification candidates). Students must locate suitable learners before selecting this option. In addition, you will be required to find a qualified local practicum supervisor who must observe you teach during all of the required hours. This supervisor must hold a university degree and have at least three years of EAL teaching experience. The supervisor must also have substantial formal academic training as an English-language teacher that meets or exceeds TESL Canada or provincial ESL instructor accreditation standards as appropriate to the student teacher's professional plans. The supervisor should not be a relative, close personal friend, or person residing at the same address. You may carry out your teaching and observing in your supervisor's own classroom if this is appropriate in your situation.

You will be required to complete a Supervisor Approval Form for the CERTESL Supervised Practicum. The CERTESL Academic Coordinator will review the application and advise you regarding the approval of the suggested supervisor. If the supervisor is not acceptable to the CERTESL Program, you will be required to select a different supervisor and submit another supervisor approval form or, if you are qualified, to register for TESL 43, Professional Project. During the distance practicum, you will be required to submit a practicum plan, observation reports, lesson plans, post-teaching reflections, a short research report, a final practicum report, and a 30-minute recording (CD-ROM/DVD or USB memory stick) of your teaching. You should record a portion of one lesson, probably closer to the end of your practice teaching so that you have gained experience and confidence. 

Requirement of your supervisor:  Your supervisor will be required to observe your teaching for at least 10 hours during the practicum period (20 in the case of TESL Ontario certification candidates), offer constructive oral feedback following every teaching session, and submit two (three in the case of TESL Ontario certification candidates taking Practicum Additional Hours) written reports to your University of Saskatchewan TESL Practicum Instructor. A detailed guide will be provided to your supervisor upon their approval. A modest honorarium ($75.00 CDN or $125.00 CDN in the case of TESL Ontario certification candidates taking Practicum Additional Hours) will be paid to your supervisor following the end of the term on the condition that all required supervision reports have been submitted. The Supervisor Approval Form detailing requirements of your supervisor must be completed in full by your prospective supervisor. Students will be required to submit the application form for approval of the local supervisor no later than April 1 for Spring and Summer session classes, August 1 for Term 1 classes, and December 1 for Term 2 classes. Under no circumstances will an application for local supervisor approval be accepted beyond these dates except as a replacement for a previous nominee who cannot serve in the supervisor’s role.

Note that TESL Ontario accreditation will require an additional 10 hours of observation and 10 hours of practicum teaching obtained through simultaneous registration in the Practicum Additional Hours module for an additional cost of $155.00 (unless you have already completed an approved 20-hour practicum in a TESL Canada-recognized program.)  TESL Ontario accepts only practica completed in Canadian locations.

For students who begin their TESL studies in or after September 2017, TESL Canada will require the same Practicum Additional Hours for Standard II national certification.

As noted above, your approved local practicum supervisor must be present for all required practicum teaching hours. If it is necessary for a second individual to assist, for instance if the approved supervisor is ill, the alternate person must also be approved by the CERTESL Academic Coordinator. If you are not supervised by an approved individual for the required number of hours, you will be placing your TESL Ontario accreditation or TESL Canada certification at risk.