CERTESL accreditation for teaching adult newcomers, refugees and international students in Canada

With the growing number of immigrants, refugees and international university students coming to Canada, particulary in the west, there is a growing demand for qualified ESL teachers.

  • CERTESL satisfies or exceeds all standards set by professional ESL teacher organizations across Canada. Its 6-course core program matches TESL Saskatchewan accreditation requirements and doubles the baseline expectations for TESL Canada Standard I certification. 
  • CERTESL completers can add just one extra course and a practicum additional hours module to qualify for TESL Canada Standard II and TESL Ontario accreditation.
  • CERTESL is one of only two programs outside of Ontario that are recognized by TESL Ontario. It qualifies you to teach ESL at universities, colleges, publicly-funded and private English language learning programs everywhere in Canada.
  • If you have already taken TESL training elsewhere that matches degree credit standards of rigor, you may qualify for transfer of credit into CERTESL. Please contact our Academic Advisor for information.

For details, download the CERTESL Accreditation Manual and Program Handbook.