If you are currently a pre-kindergarten to grade 12 teacher in Canada, CERTESL or its sister credential, the University’s new ten-course Post-Degree Certificate in EAL Education (PDCEAL), may qualify you for an additional qualification or specialization, depending on which province you reside in. It may also be useful if you teach young learners in other countries.

CERTESL shares a number of courses with PDCEAL.

If you are a teacher with at least one year of teaching experience and in Class 4 of the provincial pre-K to 12 salary grid on the basis of a B.Ed. degree, or in Class 5 on the basis of a B.Ed. and recognized postgraduate studies, you should investigate PDCEAL as your best path to Class 5 or 6. Information about PDCEAL is online explore.usask.ca and can also be obtained by contacting the Department of Curriculum Studies at (306) 966-7601.

If you are already in Class 6, you can meet essential training needs for K to 12 EAL education as a CERTESL student, tailoring your six-course program to match your current or anticipated teaching needs.

If you are in Class 5 on the basis of a B.Ed. and either an Additional Qualification Certificate or a similar ten-course credential approved by the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board, or a non-Honours undergraduate degree, you will need a year of post-degree study to reach Class 6. There are Master’s-level options at both the University of Saskatchewan and other Canadian universities that you can research.

If you have finished a B.Ed. degree but do not yet have a year of teaching experience, you may be able to start your PDC training as a CERTESL student during the four-or five-year transition period from the old CERTESL-administered AQC in TEAL into the new PDCEAL program. Please contact the CERTESL academic coordinator for advising.

Three degree-credit courses within either CERTESL or PDCEAL match the amount of degree-credit TESL coursework mandated by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) ESL Part I certification endorsement. Three more courses match the degree-credit hours for OCT—ESL Part II. Eventually, we anticipate that the full ten-course PDCEAL may be accepted as meeting ESL Specialist requirements of OCT, but please consult an advisor at OCT before planning that far ahead.

Pre-K to 12 teachers from across Canada have completed CERTESL courses in order to improve their qualifications and meet explicit needs of English language learners in their classes. PDCEAL will also be open as an option to teachers with B.Ed. degrees and at least one year of pre-K-12 teaching experience. If you wish to improve your qualifications through either CERTESL or PDCEAL, please consult the CERTESL Academic Coordinator for advising about CERTESL and, depending on your particular needs, a possible referral to PDCEAL.
Many CERTESL students, both with and without B.Ed. degrees, have been able to teach young learners on the basis of their CERTESL training. Depending on your degree and the country to which you want to travel, you may not need the entire program. Contact the CERTESL Academic Coordinator for advising about international expectations. Also, please read the last section of the Accreditation Manual for general advice about the overseas market for English language teachers.