Teach Indigenous People in Canada

Many First Nations, Métis and Inuit citizens of Canada don't speak English or French as their first language, or don't speak a version of English that helps them succeed in the mainstream education system. CERTESL provides course options that will help you work effectively with Indigenous learners in your K to 12 or Adult Basic Education classes.

  • ECUR 291 (TESL 21)– The introductory course in CERTESL incorporates information on Indigenous learners into key modules.
  • ECUR 375 (TESL 34) – This course is wholly focused on working with learners with English language development needs in Indigenous communities. Note: this course is going through a major update. Call the CERTESL office for when the next offering will be. It will have a new ECUR course designation.

In Saskatchewan, these courses can help supplement your B.Ed (class 4) or your B.Ed and M.Ed (class 5) and move towards Class 5 or 6 on the STF salary grid. Please download the CERTESL Accreditation Manual for details. Learn more about Saskatchewan K–12 Additional Qualification (AQC).