Teach English Overseas

The world needs qualified English Language teachers. Whether you're newly graduated, newly retired or simply ready for a change, you can prepare for an overseas teaching career.

  • Complete ECUR 291, ECUR 391 and TESL 333 at a distance in order to meet academic content expectations of responsible employers in most non-English speaking countries.
    Note: If you do not choose to do TESL 442—Supervised Practicum as well, we recommend that you volunteer in a local ESL program in order to obtain a recommendation from a volunteer or ESL coordinator. Reputable overseas employers usually look for some experience when an applicant has not completed a practicum.
  • From there, you can choose to continue with the CERTESL distance program and qualify to teach in Canada and most countries. Study while you teach. By the time you return, you could also be qualified to teach in Canada.
  • CERTESL is an award-winning, university-based program. Overseas employers like university credentials. They're easy to check and mean something substantial.
  • If you decide to make teaching ESL your permanent Canadian career, you won't have to repeat any studies or tuition payments. CERTESL courses are nationally recognized by TESL Canada and are welcomed by employers across the country.
  • Tuition is a bargain when compared to amounts charged by some private seminar programs – many of which, despite their claims, provide less than half the content CERTESL does in a single course. Private seminars generally don't provide the depth of content or quality of assessment you would need for transfer credit into a recognized program such as CERTESL.

 For more information, please download the CERTESL Accreditation Manual.